Saturday, March 31, 2012

Finally a way to add a PDF comment within Latex - Thank you PDFCOMMENTS

For awhile now I have been looking for ways to add PDF comments within latex.

Some suggested to use: \marginpar{}

I did't like it...

This morning I stumled upon this discussion page: How to annotate PDF files generated by pdflatex?

Note, I also discovered that PDFLatex has \pdfannot command. However I couldn't figure out or find an example to make it work. If you have please let me know :)

Altough \pdfcomments package offeres some cool features I encounter a few problems with it, while using TexMaker on Ubuntu.

  1. Embedded TexMaker view doesn't allow to view annotations. It displays an icon but nothing happens when you click on it.
    1. I use external viewer for it, however not without problems: Ubuntu default viewer - Evince   - is known to have problem displaying with PDFannotiations. I switched to Okular to view the comments.
  2. \pdfmarkupcomment doesn't work - not even with Okular :(

Have fun. Comment on your experience with it.

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